GDSO Group is focused on personal defense tactics and small unit tactics for Military/Law/Civilian Professionals. GDSO instructors come from the Military, Special Mission Units and the Intelligence Community.

Our training philosophy although complex in application, is simple in concept: We only utilize tactics, techniques and procedures that have proven time after time, to work against a committed enemy.


GDSO Instructors are trained professionals from America’s Elite Military Branches, Law Enforcement and Intelligence communities. With experience in all of the present-day major conflicts, GDSO Instructors have gained a vast amount experience in tactics ranging from personal defense to developing tactics and leadership within small units/teams.


GDSO Group maintains active/current certifications with the United States Government and various international private training organizations. These certifications allow us to provide the following products and services; specific to the European Communities we serve.


GDSO Group maintains training locations in Bulgaria and the USA.

In Europe, our team maintains the ability to travel and provide services in countries where training tactics is legal.

In USA, our team maintains the ability to travel anywhere within the continental U.S to train and advise police, military and civilians.


Learn why professional Military/Law Enforcement and Security personnel choose GDSO Group as their training provider.