Professional Development

Professional Development

GEMINI Defense Professional Development Courses are designed for Civilians and Military/Police Officers to build and develop their “soft skills”. These courses consist of a hybrid Theoretical (Classroom) and Practical Application based training.

+ Leadership

One Day – €200

Seminar/Lecture Environment

Introduction to small unit leadership, critical thinking, decision making, conflict resolution, building rapport, setting the example, gaining trust and respect, Warrior Mindset.


Three Days – €200

Overnight / Under the Stars

Modern Wilderness Survival, Primitive Shelter Construction, Basic First Aid, Signaling, Land Navigation, Water Purification, Fire Building/Sustainment, and Map/Compass Skills. 


Two Days – €220

Classroom + Practical Application

Situation Awareness, Travel Safety, Cultural Observations, Cyber Security (Social Media), Intro to Imagery Intelligence, Intro to Social Media Intelligence, Intro to “Grey Man Concepts”.


One Day – €165

Classroom + Practical Application

Intro to Open Source Intelligence OSINT, Geo/Chrono-location of visual Materials, Mapping with satellite services, Vetting of user-generated media, Social Media Intelligence Gathering, and Tracking Transportation.


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